What to Expect

We understand it is potentially uncomfortable to visit a group of people you don’t yet know. Remember the first day at a new school when the teacher introduced you from the front of the class? Well, we remember. At Grandview Christian Assembly, we don’t do things that single out newcomers like having you stand up and introduce yourself. We’d like you to slip in with a minimum of discomfort and then gradually interact according to your readiness level. Of course we won’t ignore you, either. Expect friendly recognition and a helping hand if you need it.

We also understand that penetrating the social circle of a group can be difficult. The habit of people bunching up into groups while excluding others happens in high schools, parties, and various social circles. But church really shouldn’t be the place for cliques. So we try to keep our church life a no-clique zone. That means we receive all whom Jesus receives and include every willing, seeking heart into our community of faith.

Here’s the rundown for a typical Sunday morning:

    • We occupy the cafeteria of the Grandview Heights Middle School. After you park in the lot, come in the school entrance.  Signs and helpful folks will point you in the right direction.


    • The meeting starts at 11:00 a.m. and typically lasts for an hour. If you don’t have to leave right away, hang around and join a group that might be headed over to some area restaurant.


    • If you have kids who prefer to sit with you, feel free to bring them into our meeting. Otherwise, you can check them into our Kids Church for some age-appropriate Bible teaching, activities, and crafts.


    • Our music is contemporary Christian. The congregation participates but if your voice is horrible, don’t worry about it. This is church, where we’re connecting to God. No one is trying out for American Idol. If you don’t want to sing, you don’t have to, although we encourage you to participate and give it a try.


    • The preaching mainly comes from our lead minister, John Myer.   The overall style is easy to follow and messages usually last about 40 minutes. If you’d like, you can sample them in advance on our media page.


    • The Bible is the authority in all of our public meetings and we love it. If you don’t have one, we furnish complimentary copies to use. And if you’re embarrassed of not knowing your way around the Scriptures, we will give you the page numbers or typically project our verses on the screen up front. Regardless, our goal is not to lose you!


    • Passing the basket (the collection of financial gifts) is something we do every Sunday. However, if you are a first time guest, you should not feel obligated to give financially. Typically, people begin supporting the church when they become regulars here.


    • Info collection is important to us. At the end of the meeting, we ask everyone in the room, newcomer or regular, to fill out an info card all at the same time. We don’t sell your info (honest!) and we don’t use it to hound you (again, honest!). We maintain a data base so that we can keep you informed about special upcoming events, track the effectiveness of what we’re doing (there’s space provided on the card for your feedback) and note your interest in any one of our special ministry areas.