Safe and Thriving

October 9, 2016
Real Christians confess Jesus as Lord, but Christians who experience the life of Jesus in a safe and thriving way also live out Jesus as Lord by doing what He…

Come, Live

September 25, 2016
Our spiritual life is supported and incited by the faith community.  

“Come, follow Me.”

September 11, 2016
When Jesus says, "Come follow me," He leads us to Himself, to community with other Believers, and to outreach to the world.  

Servant to All

July 31, 2016
We use the book of Mark which which focuses on Jesus' deeds. Sometimes in a small church were serving in so many different areas, we miss opportunities to be a…

Real Obedience

November 16, 2014
Baptism is a declaration not only of salvation in our past but the discipleship that will happen in the future.