The Search

The Search

Seek Those Who Seek

John Myer | 2012-10-21
Seeking God is not a solo endeavor; we need others to join in the effort.

How Hard is Seeking Supposed to Be

John Myer | 2012-10-14
Our seeking should not be so difficult as to seem impossible.

By the Way, Someone is Seeking You

John Myer | 2012-10-07
Our seeking of God tends to get us more lost; it takes God to find us.

Seeking God Means Looking for Something Real

John Myer | 2012-09-30
God is not a construct of the imagination, but a reality that is described in the ages of the Bible.

Seeking God is the Best Thing For You and Your Family

John Myer | 2012-09-23
Benefits for you and your family.

Your Seeking is “Rigged” to Succeed

John Myer | 2012-09-16
God grants guidance in our environment to facilitate our seeking.

Seeking God is Worth Your Time

John Myer | 2012-09-09