Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out

TALKING WITH MORE THAN WORDS SEPTEMBER 3, 2017 Bible Text: 1 Peter 3:1-4 | Michael Taylor In daily interactions with people, demonstrations of a life changed by Jesus is just as important as the words we use; it is a both/and system. 20170903 Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out – Talking With More Than Words – Michael Taylor   REDEMPTIVE […]

Adventures in the Gospel

          (2106-01-29: Audio Coming Soon) Servant Evangelism (Let’s Prepare for the Workplace) Seth Evans | 2014-08-31 Evangelism in the workplace. Servant Evangelism (Let’s Change Some Perceptions) – Matt. 5:16 John Myer | 2014-08-24 Good works cause people to think differently about the church and more importantly, about God Himself. Servant Evangelism […]