Shopping Versus Seeking

Seeking Mission John Myer | 2011-03-13 The church must realize and accept its God-appointed mission of the gospel and discipleship. Real seekers consider this as a necessity when they consider the church. 3132011Shopping Seeking Community John Myer | 2011-03-06 The church is the household of God, the warm community of the believers; this should be […]

Bended Knees & Open Doors

YOU’RE INVITED September 4, 2016 – Jeff Friess Romans 1:16 – Studies show many people don’t attend church because they are not invited.  Inviting is something everybody can do. 20160904 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – You are Invited – Jeff Friess   SEEKING GOD August 28, 2016 – Corey Fronk Jeremiah 29:4-7 – In Jeremiah, […]