Holiday Power Pack

Holiday Power Pack Keeping Your Faith Alive in 2013 Michael Taylor and Kyle Shelton | 2012-12-30 Healthy spiritual living is not an accident…here are some tips for the new year. 123012 Keeping Your Faith Alive in 2013 It’s a Wonderful Life Ray DeMay and Seth Evans | 2012-12-23 The most wonderful life is eternal life […]

Bended Knees & Open Doors

YOU’RE INVITED September 4, 2016 – Jeff Friess Romans 1:16 – Studies show many people don’t attend church because they are not invited.  Inviting is something everybody can do. 20160904 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – You are Invited – Jeff Friess   SEEKING GOD August 28, 2016 – Corey Fronk Jeremiah 29:4-7 – In Jeremiah, […]

Exodus – Chapters 1-17

  SPIRITUAL WARFARE June 7, 2015 – John Myer Being the people of God means we cooperate with Him in fighting for His kingdom. 6715 Spiritual Warfare   WATER FROM THE ROCK May 31, 2015 – Michael Taylor God provides water from the side of Christ. 53115 Water From the Rock (Michael Taylor)   BREAD […]