James: Hands on Faith

James: Hands on Faith Conclusion of James Seth Evans and John Myer | 2012-08-12 James ends with an encouragement to bring back a wandering sinner. Conclusion of James 081212 The Prayer of Faith Thad Townsend and Corey Fronk | 2012-08-05 Prayer is one of the most important elements of our life together in the faith […]

Close Encounters

Encountering the Living Word John Myer | 2011-04-17 The Bible becomes rich and experiential to us as we mingle it with prayer. Encountering the Living Word   Encountering God Early John Myer | 2011-04-10 Christians are enriched by setting aside a deliberate time to fellowship with God. Encountering God Early   Encountering the Word of […]

Exodus – Chapters 18-40

TRAVELING GLORY June 12, 2016 – John Myer Ex. 40 – The glory fills the tabernacle. 160612 – Exodus – Traveling Glory – John Myer   DO THE WORK! June 5, 2016 – John Myer Exodus 31, 35-39 – Doing the work of the blueprint. 160605 – Exodus – Do the Work – John Myer   RENEWING […]