Higher Ground

COME, GIVE: GOD, FINANCE & STEWARDSHIP October 2, 2016: Jeff Friess & Michael Taylor Matthew 6:21 – How we handle money is an indicator of how we will do spiritually. 20161002-higher-groud-god-finance-and-stewardship   COME, LIVE September 25, 2016 – John Myer Hebrews 10:22-25 – Our spiritual life is supported and incited by the faith community. 20160925-higher-ground-come-and-live-john-myer   COME […]

Exodus – Chapters 1-17

  SPIRITUAL WARFARE June 7, 2015 – John Myer Being the people of God means we cooperate with Him in fighting for His kingdom. 6715 Spiritual Warfare   WATER FROM THE ROCK May 31, 2015 – Michael Taylor God provides water from the side of Christ. 53115 Water From the Rock (Michael Taylor)   BREAD […]