Life Before Death

Life Before Death One Grain Died John Myer | 2012-04-01 Christ has given eternal life to us through death. one grain died Cure for the Common Grave John Myer | 2012-03-25 Eternal life abolishes death. cure for the common grave Shock and Awe in the Land of the Seeing John Myer | 2012-03-18 Eternal life […]

Adventures in the Gospel

          (2106-01-29: Audio Coming Soon) Servant Evangelism (Let’s Prepare for the Workplace) Seth Evans | 2014-08-31 Evangelism in the workplace. Servant Evangelism (Let’s Change Some Perceptions) – Matt. 5:16 John Myer | 2014-08-24 Good works cause people to think differently about the church and more importantly, about God Himself. Servant Evangelism […]