Holiday Power Pack

Holiday Power Pack Keeping Your Faith Alive in 2013 Michael Taylor and Kyle Shelton | 2012-12-30 Healthy spiritual living is not an accident…here are some tips for the new year. 123012 Keeping Your Faith Alive in 2013 It’s a Wonderful Life Ray DeMay and Seth Evans | 2012-12-23 The most wonderful life is eternal life […]

Going the Distance

Going the Distance… Into Kingship John Myer | 2011-05-22 God’s work in the life of Jacob (transformation) culminates in the life of Joseph (kingship). The same pattern occurs in a New Testament believer’s life. Gen. 37:2-11; Luke 19:17; 1 Cor. 6:2-3; Rev. 20:6; Gen. 41:38-44 052211 Going the Distance Into Kingship   Going the Distance… […]

Exodus – Chapters 18-40

TRAVELING GLORY June 12, 2016 – John Myer Ex. 40 – The glory fills the tabernacle. 160612 – Exodus – Traveling Glory – John Myer   DO THE WORK! June 5, 2016 – John Myer Exodus 31, 35-39 – Doing the work of the blueprint. 160605 – Exodus – Do the Work – John Myer   RENEWING […]

Grace, Generosity, and Small Miracles

November 8, 2015 Jeff Friess 2 Corinthians 8 Grace (such as pictured in 2 Cor. 8) does not drive financial giving, but creates generosity in the giving. Without grace, giving is likely to be a product of mere habit, duty, guilt, etc. But grace is a relationship, a loop, that a person gets into that creates generosity unto […]