Vision Month

GETTING ON BOARD JANUARY 15, 2017 Bible Text: Psalm 1:1-3 | John Myer Every good vision needs entry points and milestones. 2017.01.15 – 2017 Vision Month – Getting on Board – John Myer A LOOK INTO OUR FUTURE JANUARY 8, 2017 Bible Text: Mark 12:30 | John Myer Looking at the past and present will yield clues about where we’re going in […]

Christ Supreme

What Will be Your Story? John Myer | 2011-08-21 We only have one life granted to us by God; how will we be remembered in eternity? 82111 What will be your story Finding the Right Words John Myer | 2011-08-14 The gospel message embedded in Colossians needs to be shared with everyone, but it takes […]