Truth Hunt

Why Jesus? Keith Miller | 2012-01-22 Jesus holds center stage as the truth of God. Why Jesus 120122 Misunderstanding World Religion Thad Townsend and John Myer | 2012-01-15 Contrary to popular belief, all roads do not lead to the same place. Misunderstanding World Religion 120115 Tolerance Greg Wyatt and Jeff Friess | 2012-01-08 Standing firm […]

Question Box

Question Box 4 John Myer | 2011-01-23 Question: What things need to occur before Christ returns? Question 6 Question Box 3 John Myer | 2011-01-16 Does God Use Evil To Accomplish His Will? Question 5 Question Box 2 John Myer | 2011-01-09 Question 1–How Do You Find God?”/Question 2–“Is the Christian Faith a Composition of […]