July 10, 2016

Friends & Bridges

Passage: John 1:40-46
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Bible Text: John 1:40-46 | Preacher: Thad Townsend | Friendship evangelism can help build bridges to normal gospel conversations, making inviting easier, and help in the workplace.

Audio is not available for today’s message due to technical difficulties.  Please check out the summary of live tweets from today below for highlights:

Today’s sermon – Bended Knees & Open Doors: Friends with Jesus #thadtownsend

Here’s a quick lesson on how to make friends: you talk with someone and find out you have some shared interest. #thadtownsend

God has arranged our lives and the people in our lives for the sake of the gospel. (John 1:40-41) #thadtownsend

The moment you believe in Jesus you have something big to talk about and you don’t have to wait to share the good news. #thadtownsend

When a person meets Jesus you take on new and bigger significance…but someone needs to bring them to Jesus. John 1:42 #thadtownsend

Think about people you encounter regularly and ask if you have written them off in relation to the gospel. (John 1:45-46) #thadtownsend

Schedule a time to spend time with someone this week and pray for them and your time together before you meet. #thadtownsend