Romans 9-16


June 10, 2018 Preacher: John Myer Passage: Romans 16:24-27

This closing doxology of Romans reminds us of the gospel’s authority and our need to be built up according to it Rom. 16:25-27

Preserve the Fellowship

Preacher: John Myer Passage: Romans 16:17-24
We must guard our unity, since the devil seeks to cause division.

The Kiss of Fellowship

Preacher: Seth Evans Passage: Romans 16:1-16
The example of church life in Rome was a virtual bee-hive of fellowship, suggesting the joyful unity of the faith .

Blessing and Enlargement

Preacher: Thad Townsend Series: Romans 9-16 Passage: Romans 15:22-23
Paul’s itinerant ministry was of and for the Body of Christ.

Spirit-Driven Ministry

Preacher : Corey Fronk  Passage: Romans 15:14-21
Understanding and celebrating ministry.

Spirit-Driven Harmony

April 29, 2018 Welcome one another for building up, according to the example of Christ and the Old Testament prophecies
Preacher : Jeff Friess  Passage: Romans 15:1-13

Precious Conscience

April 22, 2018
We should care for one another’s consciences in order to build one another up.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 14:13-23

Navigating Disagreements

April 8, 2018
We should receive one another for the sake of fellowship in the body of Christ and leave judgment of secondary things to the Lord.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 14:1-11

Love Until the End

March 25, 2018
Our love for one another must be defined by the Word and motivated by the expectation of Christ’s return.
Preacher : Seth Evans  Passage: Romans 13:8-14

Responding to Authority

March 18, 2018
Believers see the authority of God even through flawed human agencies.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 13:1-7

Present Your Life

March 11, 2018
Christian virtues are “other” oriented in the context of the body of Christ.
Preacher : Michael Taylor  Passage: Romans 12: 9-21

Present Your Gift

March 4, 2018
Our gifts are part of the way we present our bodies a living sacrifice.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 12:3-8

A Living Sacrifice

February 25, 2018
The church bears a sacrificial identity, especially in service.
Preacher : Corey Fronk  Passage: Romans 12:1-3

The Grand Redemptive Agenda

February 18, 2018
God’s wisdom shines out even when people reject the gospel.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 11:19-36

Victory Through Setbacks

February 11, 2018
God’s wisdom shines out even when people reject the gospel.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 11:1-18

Gospel Breakdown

February 4, 2018
God has done His part in accomplishing salvation and then sending gospel preachers out with the news.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 10:14-21

A Better Righteousness

January 28, 2018
God only transmits His righteousness to someone through faith.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 10:1-13

Two Sides of the Coin

January 21, 2018
Our salvation does not rest on our choice to work and find God, but on His choice to save us.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 9:19-33

Ironclad Mercy

January 14, 2018
Nobody is entitled for salvation or owed salvation; salvation comes from the mercy and compassion of God on those we who do not deserve salvation. 
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 9:1-18

The Other Half of God’s Full Salvation

January 7, 2018
We need the communal setting of God’s people in order to fully develop as Christians.
Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Romans 11:17,2412:4-5