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Momentum of Togetherness:
Why The Church is the Best Thing Ever for the Christian Life by John Myer

momentum book coverIs the church just an accessory item to the Christian life? Many have begun to feel this way as they pursue a course of isolated spiritual growth. Momentum gives good reasons for settling down with other believers, putting a stop to wandering from one congregation to another, and being about the business of serious Christian development.

45 pages. Discussion questions.

WARNING: Contains No Sugar: Honest Words for Aspiring Leaders in the Church
by John Myer

warning coverThe Devil is in the details. That’s what new leaders need to remember as they aspire to become effective in the church. Those who are just beginning to navigate leadership roles usually pay attention to critical big box items like vision, style, and methods. Meanwhile, a multitude of smaller issues that go undetected may be undermining their service.

Symptoms include:

  • Not being taken seriously
  • Getting little or no cooperation
  • Failing to inspire others
  • Ideas that fizzle out
  • Toxic team dynamics

With a decided emphasis on honesty rather than sweetness, “Warning” gives a diagnostic tour of areas that leaders commonly overlook.

43 pages.