Parenting Resources: Discipleship & Teaching Tools

The New City Catechism for Kids by Gospel Coalition

A simplified version of The New City Catechism designed for children, this 64-page booklet contains 52 short questions and answers aimed at helping them better understand God, humanity, sin, and salvation.

Presence by John Myer and Seth Evans

Christians often break into two different camps. One thinks the serious handling of the Bible is for readers, academics, and theology buffs. The other views deep devotional prayer as being for introverts, mystics, and touchy-feely types. While the Word and prayer are separated from one another, this will seem to be true. But when Word and prayer come together, doctrine dances, and spirituality becomes intelligent. The glory of God is ready to appear. This five session workbook introduces the exercise of praying the Scriptures for maximum spiritual effect.

The Radical Book for Kids by Champ Thornton

The Radical Book for Kids is a fun-filled explorer’s guide to the Bible, church history, and life for boys and girls age 8 and up. Along with examining some of the most exciting realities in the universe, the handbook is vibrantly illustrated and chock-full of fun facts and ideas. Deep truths are communicated to elementary and middle-school aged kids while stimulating their curiosity and sense of adventure within a gospel-centered framework.

Radically Different by Champ Thornton

Radically Different by best-selling author Champ Thornton is an insightful guide for middle and high school students who want to live radically even though life and relationships are complicated. By examining life through the biblical lenses of Creation, Fall, and Redemption, readers can explore how God’s Word untangles the twists of life. Thornton invites teenagers to consider how they are set apart—especially in a time when Christianity is more and more culturally marginalized. He guides them to embrace what it means to live Christianly in a morally murky and increasingly hostile world.

Solid by John Myer

If new faith is to overcome hurdles and healthily develop, it must first rest upon something indestructible–the fundamental truth of scripture. Solid sets off on a guided tour of basic salvation, avoiding the traditional workbook-textbook approach of new beginners’ materials. Instead, it uses a blend of scripture, true stories, examples, and anecdotes. Seasoned Christians will find this book an illuminating refresher course. New believers will find it helpful in laying a foundation concerning the uniqueness of the Savior and what salvation means, how to get it, the assurance of having it, and the guarantee of keeping it forever.

This is the Christmas Story by Kids Read Truth

This is the Christmas Story presents the whole Christmas story–the story of God promising His people a forever King who would bring light into a dark world. From God’s promises to Adam, Abraham, David and Isaiah to the angel’s messages to Mary and Joseph, every page tells the story of God’s promises to send His Son Jesus. Kids Read Truth™ Story and Scripture books retell key Bible narratives using story text and verses from Scripture. These books are written for ages 4–9, but will be enjoyed by the whole family!

This is the Gospel by Kids Read Truth

This Is the Gospel presents the story of God’s love for us. From God’s good creation to Adam and Eve’s sin, Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit’s gift of faith and Jesus’s return as King over all of creation,This Is the Gospel will introduce your kids to the good news. Kids Read Truth Story and Scripture books retell key Bible narratives using story text and verses from Scripture. These books are written for ages 4-9, but will be enjoyed by the whole family!