Our Current Series

Here are some of our most recent sermons. You can see our full Archive organized by series here HERE.


We must be faithful to provide warnings to the people of the world concerning God’s judgment.

Without God who is light, there is nothing but darkness.

Pride invites greater destruction; humility invites the grace of God.

The Lord has many ways to deal with the continued resistance of a hardened heart.

The hardened heart has many different ways of avoiding obedience to God.

The true source of life is not our world, but Jesus Christ, Son of God.

The Calm Before the Wrath

February 8, 2015

God allows and even orders frustrations in his mission in order to display His glory.

Temporary Setback

February 1, 2015

We must take care how we respond to setbacks in our service to God.

Equipped for Service

January 25, 2015

God not only calls us into service, but equips us for success.

The Call

January 18, 2015

God hears the plight of the lost and wishes to commission us to reach them.