Our Current Series

Here are some of our most recent sermons. You can see our full Archive organized by series here HERE.


Jesus warns the religious audience that big changes have come and are are going to come (Matthew 9).

An assurance in the truth of the book and a reassurance that the coming of Christ will be soon (Revelation 22:6-21).

The river, the tree, and the servants in eternity.

The city with Christ in its midst will be the joy and center of the new heaven and new earth.

The elements of the New Jerusalem–analogous to the nature of the Father, the work of the Son, and the transformation of the Holy Spirit, must be practiced.

A closer look at the Lamb’s wife, the New Jerusalem.

God’s thumbnail sketch of the beginning, the end, and the middle of His work.

The new heaven and new earth appears, and the New Jerusalem comes down.

Full judgment is passed upon all the dead.

The last vestiges of rebellion gets wiped off the earth, and the devil is thrown into the lake of fire.