Our Current Series

Here are some of our most recent sermons. You can see our full Archive organized by series here HERE.


The early disciples saw the resurrected Christ, but what about those of us who were not there to see it?

Under the opening authority of Christ, history unfurls toward the fulfillment of God’s Plan.

The ascended Christ executes the will of God for all history

In this second vision of the book, John sees the heavenly administration of God on the throne

We must overcome to escape indifference through a new willingness to pay a price.

Offering is a way to engage the Lord in heart-changing worship.

 Revelation 3:7-13 We must overcome to keep what the Lord has given us.

 Revelation 3:1-6 We must overcome spiritual death through the Life-Giving Spirit.

We must overcome heresy through Christ’s burning judgment (2:18-28)

We must overcome the comfort of the world through Christ’s dividing word (2:12-17)