Our Current Series

Here are some of our most recent sermons. You can see our full Archive organized by series here HERE.


God loves the sound of joyful/meaningful hearts singing to him.

It is not about what we desire from worship but what God desires.

Worship is not a style, or a musical preference. It is firstly an inward condition that is spiritual and truthful.

God’s two servants win victory on earth, while God’s final victory is celebrated in heaven

A great angel swears to claim heaven and earth for God, while John eats and prophesies (10:1-11)

Though judgements have become more severe, men will still not repent.

God responds to the prayers of the saints and sends cataclysmic judgments upon the earth.

God’s provision for His people is to either preserve them while here on earth or rapture them (Rev. 7:1-17).

The early disciples saw the resurrected Christ, but what about those of us who were not there to see it?

Under the opening authority of Christ, history unfurls toward the fulfillment of God’s Plan.