Life Before Death

Life Before Death

One Grain Died

John Myer | 2012-04-01
Christ has given eternal life to us through death.

Cure for the Common Grave

John Myer | 2012-03-25
Eternal life abolishes death.

Shock and Awe in the Land of the Seeing

John Myer | 2012-03-18
Eternal life brings sight to all who are inwardly blind to God’s glory.


John Myer | 2012-03-11
The life in Christ overcomes all obstacles and storms of life.

The Vacuum-Shaped God

John Myer | 2012-03-04
The life in Christ can meet all the existential needs of a human being.

A Curious Kind of Power

John Myer | 2012-02-26
Eternal life empowers us to live as we ought and do the things commanded by God.

Invisible Visit

John Myer | 2012-02-19
We can receive eternal life through simple faith in the Word of God.

When the Colorless and Tasteless Becomes the Best You’ve Ever Had

John Myer | 2012-02-12
The eternal life in Christ can invest meaning and satisfaction even in small things.

From Here to Eternity – An Overview of the Gospel of John in 4 Easy Steps

John Myer | 2012-02-05