Broken and Blessed

John Myer | 2011-11-13
The end product of God’s work is always blessing, never only loss.

God Unveiled

John Myer | 2011-11-06
At cardinal points in our faith journey, God becomes more real to us than He has even been before.


John Myer | 2011-10-23
It pays to listen, especially when God has so much to say.

The Lightning Rod

John Myer | 2011-10-16
God always leaves a testimony for Himself among men, no matter how religiously shallow the atmosphere becomes.

With Friends Like These

John Myer | 2011-10-09
For better or for worse, friends play an integral part in our process of growth.

The Cracks Appear

John Myer | 2011-10-02
Lasting pain wears down barriers between us and God.


John Myer | 2011-09-25
Pain is often the starting point for a significant work of God in your life.