James: Hands on Faith

James: Hands on Faith

Conclusion of James

Seth Evans and John Myer | 2012-08-12
James ends with an encouragement to bring back a wandering sinner.

The Prayer of Faith

Thad Townsend and Corey Fronk | 2012-08-05
Prayer is one of the most important elements of our life together in the faith community.

The Sins of the Wealthy

Greg Wyatt and Michael Taylor | 2012-07-29
Wealth can stimulate a number of sins, including that of self-will.

The Sin of Dissension

Seth Evans and Matt Gorr | 2012-07-22
Part of Christian growth involves learning to discipline our words.

Faith Without Works is Dead

Jeff Friess and Corey Fronk | 2012-07-15
Real faith will have a corresponding expression in works.


John Myer | 2012-07-08
Giving unfair preferences to people based on external appearance is not consistent with the gospel.

Hearing and Doing

Matt Gorr and Corey Fronk | 2012-07-01
We should be doers of the Word of God, not hearers only.

Trials of Faith

Seth Evans & Jeff Friess | 2012-06-24
Trials may have many uses in perfecting us as Christians.

Practical Faith

Thad Townsend and Jeff Friess | 2012-06-17
James was a flesh brother of Jesus and wrote concerning practical Christian faith.