Christ Supreme

What Will be Your Story?

John Myer | 2011-08-21
We only have one life granted to us by God; how will we be remembered in eternity?

Finding the Right Words

John Myer | 2011-08-14
The gospel message embedded in Colossians needs to be shared with everyone, but it takes some preparation, both spiritual and practical.

The New Home & Work Life

John Myer | 2011-08-07
The Supreme Christ that we met in the earlier chapters of Colossians needs to emerge in our daily lives, specifically home and work life.

The Authentic Faith: Substantial & Nourishing

John Myer | 2011-07-17
The genuine Christ of the New Testament guarantees the believers substance and nourishment for their Christian lives.

The Authentic Faith – Complete & Powerful

John Myer | 2011-07-10
The apostolic teaching concerning Christ is the only healthy “soil” in which believers ought to grow.

The Preeminent Son in You

John Myer | 2011-07-03
The ministry of the New Testament is not simply about Christ as a subject, but Christ in the believers.

The Preeminent Son

John Myer | 2011-06-26
The Christ to whom we have been transferred is supreme over anything and everything else.

The Awesome Father

John Myer | 2011-06-19
The will of God begins with the Father God delivering us from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of His Son.

Christ Supreme – Knowledge on the Increase

John Myer | 2011-06-12
A study of Colossians, week 1: Faith and love are indispensable to the Christian life, but Paul prayed for one further thing: that we would be filled with the knowledge of God’s will.