Spiritual Breakthroughs

Passion Deficit December 16, 2018Spiritual breakthroughs must carry us out of our flatness.Preacher : John Myer Limitation and Enlargement December 9, 2018Spiritual breakthroughs come through accepting both limitations and enlargement.Preacher : John Myer  Passage: John 12:20-26 My Precious December 2, 2018Spiritual breakthroughs come through repentance related to idols.Preacher : John Myer  Passage: Matthew 13:7 Immovable Objects November 25, 2018Spiritual breakthroughs come through […]

Jesus: One And Only

Jesus: One and Only October 14, 2018 Jesus–Pluralism creates terrible confusion about which God to listen to; what religious founder to follow, and makes the seeker the ultimate decider of truth; but Christ is unique in every way. He died for us, they did not; He lives, they do not. Preacher : Jeff Friess  Passage: Mark