Holiday Power Pack

Holiday Power Pack Keeping Your Faith Alive in 2013 Michael Taylor and Kyle Shelton | 2012-12-30 Healthy spiritual living is not an accident…here are some tips for the new year. 123012 Keeping Your Faith Alive in 2013 It’s a Wonderful Life Ray DeMay and Seth Evans | 2012-12-23 The most wonderful life is eternal life […]

The Christian and Politics

The Christian and Politics Christians After the Election John Myer | 2012-11-11 We are called to submit to governmental authority–even if we don’t agree with all of its attitudes. Christians After the Election 111112 Christians at the Polls John Myer | 2012-11-04 How should we vote?–By determining where our truest loyalty lies. Christians at the […]

James: Hands on Faith

James: Hands on Faith Conclusion of James Seth Evans and John Myer | 2012-08-12 James ends with an encouragement to bring back a wandering sinner. Conclusion of James 081212 The Prayer of Faith Thad Townsend and Corey Fronk | 2012-08-05 Prayer is one of the most important elements of our life together in the faith […]

The Assembly

The Assembly Eternal Life for Testimony John Myer | 2012-06-10 The eternal life we have all received facilitates our oneness and causes the world to believe in Christ. Eternal Life for Testimony 061012 Eternal Life for Fruitbearing John Myer | 2012-06-03 Our combined spiritual life experiences culminate in fruitbearing to the glory of God. Eternal […]

Worship Series

Worship and Authenticity John Myer | 2012-05-13 Worship thrives on authenticity, as modeled in the example of David. 051312 Worship and Authenticity Worship and Personality John Myer | 2012-05-06 The blessings related to worship are not limited to certain personality types. 050612 Worship and Personality Worship and Moods John Myer | 2012-04-29 We must often […]

Life Before Death

Life Before Death One Grain Died John Myer | 2012-04-01 Christ has given eternal life to us through death. one grain died Cure for the Common Grave John Myer | 2012-03-25 Eternal life abolishes death. cure for the common grave Shock and Awe in the Land of the Seeing John Myer | 2012-03-18 Eternal life […]