Going the Distance

Going the Distance… Into Kingship John Myer | 2011-05-22 God’s work in the life of Jacob (transformation) culminates in the life of Joseph (kingship). The same pattern occurs in a New Testament believer’s life. Gen. 37:2-11; Luke 19:17; 1 Cor. 6:2-3; Rev. 20:6; Gen. 41:38-44 052211 Going the Distance Into Kingship   Going the Distance… […]

Close Encounters

Encountering the Living Word John Myer | 2011-04-17 The Bible becomes rich and experiential to us as we mingle it with prayer. Encountering the Living Word   Encountering God Early John Myer | 2011-04-10 Christians are enriched by setting aside a deliberate time to fellowship with God. Encountering God Early   Encountering the Word of […]

Shopping Versus Seeking

Seeking Mission John Myer | 2011-03-13 The church must realize and accept its God-appointed mission of the gospel and discipleship. Real seekers consider this as a necessity when they consider the church. 3132011Shopping Seeking Community John Myer | 2011-03-06 The church is the household of God, the warm community of the believers; this should be […]

Believe in Your Heart

Bookmark John Myer | 2011-02-20 Baptism is a visible declaration, a bookmark that delineates our old life from the new one. Bookmark Decision John Myer | 2011-02-13 Belief in the heart means deciding to receive Christ, as well as wanting Him and agreeing with His gospel. Decision Desire John Myer | 2011-02-06 Belief in the […]

Question Box

Question Box 4 John Myer | 2011-01-23 Question: What things need to occur before Christ returns? Question 6 Question Box 3 John Myer | 2011-01-16 Does God Use Evil To Accomplish His Will? Question 5 Question Box 2 John Myer | 2011-01-09 Question 1–How Do You Find God?”/Question 2–“Is the Christian Faith a Composition of […]