Bended Knees & Open Doors


September 4, 2016 – Jeff Friess
Romans 1:16 – Studies show many people don’t attend church because they are not invited.  Inviting is something everybody can do.

20160904 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – You are Invited – Jeff Friess



August 28, 2016 – Corey Fronk
Jeremiah 29:4-7 – In Jeremiah, God has us seeking the welfare of our city, and neighbors are an easy place to start. Look for ways to serve them, or receive help from them, or serve the neighborhood together. People like the idea of helping others.

20160828 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Seeking God – Corey Fronk



August 21, 2016 – Michael Taylor
2 Timothy 4:2-5 – Evangelism as a life style. Persistence. Be prepared for any season of evangelism.

20160821 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Persistence – Michael Taylor



August 14, 2016 – John Myer
2 Timothy 4:1-2 – We should be ready for the opportunities the Lord gives us by preparing short gospel messages, and having materials on hand.

20160814 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Packing a Readiness Bag – John Myer



August 7, 2016 – Seth Evans
John 9:1-11 – Having laid some common ground with your neighbor, it is likely that some sort of open door will emerge regarding faith. Having a short testimony (100 words or fewer) prepared, like the healed blind man, is a great way to walk through that open door.

20160807 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Being the Christian Neighbor – Seth Evans



July 31, 2016 – Jeff Friess
Mark 10:43-45 – We use the book of Mark which which focuses on Jesus’ deeds. Sometimes in a small church were serving in so many different areas, we miss opportunities to be a “servant to all” that are right in front of us.

20160731 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Servant to All – Jeff Friess



July 24, 2016 – Ray DeMay
1 Corinthians 9:19-23 – We may not share the same interests with everyone, but using Paul’s example in 1 Cor 9 we will dive into what it takes to “become all things to all people” for the sake of the gospel.

20160724 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Street Credibility – Ray DeMay



July 17, 2016 – John Myer
The number one problem in doing the work of evangelism is forgetting to look where God is already working.  Once that is determined, the rest is “cake.”

20160717 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Sent to Search – John Myer



July 7, 2016 – Thad Townsend
John 1:40-46 – Friendship evangelism can help build bridges to normal gospel conversations, making inviting easier, and help in the workplace.

Audio is not available for today’s message due to technical difficulties.  Please check out the summary of live tweets from today below for highlights:

Here’s a quick lesson on how to make friends: you talk with someone and find out you have some shared interest. 

God has arranged our lives and the people in our lives for the sake of the gospel. (John 1:40-41

The moment you believe in Jesus you have something big to talk about and you don’t have to wait to share the good news. 

When a person meets Jesus you take on new and bigger significance…but someone needs to bring them to Jesus. John 1:42

Think about people you encounter regularly and ask if you have written them off in relation to the gospel. (John 1:45-46

Schedule a time to spend time with someone this week and pray for them and your time together before you meet. 



July 3, 2016 – Michael Taylor
Luke 5:27-32 – Learn some tips from the Apostle Matthew on how to welcome your friends and warm their hearts.

20160703 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Warm Welcome – Michael Taylor



June 26, 2016 – Seth Evans
Matthew 9:10-13 – When engaging your literal neighbor (we all have at least one), one of the first steps in striking up a relationship is often finding some form of common ground. In Matthew 9:10-13 we see Jesus doing exactly this through the eating of food.

20160626 – Bended Knees and Open Doors – Common Ground – Seth Evans



June 19, 2016 – John Myer
Mark 12, John 6, Acts 8

Unfortunately, the audio system malfunctioned so there is no recording for today’s sermon. Check out the live tweeting for a recap of the sermon:

We have an assignment and calling by God (1 Cor. 7:17) but we often miss it as we hunt for big things rather than the small things.

Jesus said one woman’s pouring out of nard upon Him was beautiful and would be told wherever the gospel is proclaimed. (Mark 14)

Let us be like the small boy who gives his small gift to Jesus and see what happens. (John 6)

Jesus took a widow’s small offering and used it to show us what real sacrifice and real commitment looks like. (Mark 12) @bareknucklejohn

In the hands of God a small thing can be what God is doing. (Acts 8) @bareknucklejohn

Just because something is small doesn’t mean that it is easy or insignificant. @bareknucklejohn

As we are faithful in the small things we multiply those small things until they can turn into a mountain. (Song of Songs 8:14)

June 21, June 25, and July 1 are our next 3 upcoming opportunities to serve the Grandview Heights community. Let’s do these small things.

Check out our website’s slideshow on the main page for the full summer service calendar.