Adventures in the Gospel

Adventures in the Gospel






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Servant Evangelism (Let’s Prepare for the Workplace)

Seth Evans | 2014-08-31
Evangelism in the workplace.

Servant Evangelism (Let’s Change Some Perceptions) – Matt. 5:16

John Myer | 2014-08-24
Good works cause people to think differently about the church and more importantly, about God Himself.

Servant Evangelism (Let’s Use our Hands and Feet) – John 13:3-7

Corey Fronk | 2014-08-17
We should add works of service to out words concerning Jesus.

The Open Door (Let’s Pay Attention) – Proverbs 16:33,19:21

John Myer | 2014-08-10
During the day, the Lord may open doors for you to begin a dialogue with others about the gospel–we should be alert for these times.

Questioning Evangelism

Seth Evans | 2014-08-03
Investigate assumptions, engage the heart, invite a response

Think About It (Let’s Get Under Somebody’s Skin)

John Myer | 2014-07-27
The gospel needs to be carefully considered by the people who hear it, otherwise, they will lose what they have heard.

Walk with Me (Let’s Answer Some Questions)

Thad Townsend | 2014-07-20
In the gospel we need to take the time to hear people’s questions and be willing to answer them.